Best Canadian Online Casino Guide

What are the Best Online Casinos in Canada?

At CasinoMonster, we don’t take online casino owner’s words for granted. Our expert team checks every single aspect of the casino to make sure the games are fair, the customer service is straightforward and the cashout is fast and secure. Our rated top-10 list of Canadian online casinos takes dozens of factors into consideration to provide you with unbiased and reliable information on how online gambling in Canada works, whether it is safe to play in certain casinos and what are the best slots to deposit your money.

Most Trusted Online Casinos in Canada
4x deposit bonuses up to C$ 1,600
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3x deposit bonuses up to C$800
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100% Bonus on 1st Deposit
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C$1500 Welcome package + C$30 FREE
280+ games 96.4% payout Play Now Read Review
100% bonus up to C$350
570+ games 96.5% payout Play Now Read Review
100% Deposit Match Bonus up to C$ 750
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up to C$1000
400+ games 100% payout Play Now Read Review

Why trust CasinoMonster?

Indeed, how can you be sure we are not affiliated with some online casino and do not receive a bonus for giving it first ranks in our list? So why trust us? Because we do not profit from messing with reviews of internet casinos on our website! Yes, we do have affiliate links pointing to those casinos (every casino rating site does!), but we do not charge for prioritizing one or another casino, or for writing it a positive review. We are totally unbiased. Why is that so? Because we are passionate online gamblers too, and we’d never recommend to you the online casino we weren’t willing to play at ourselves.

Devoted experts

Our expertise is based on actual investigation we conduct for each casino. We scrupulously test every claim an online casino makes to definitely pick the wheat from the chaff. This allows us to deliver the most in-depth and unbiased reviews of online casinos found across the web. Our expert casino editors have years of experience in bringing advice to players on the best online and mobile casinos.

Up-to-date information

It is not that we test a casino once and forget it. Things change, and online gambling isn’t exclusion to this rule. Over time, we return to previously reviewed casinos to see if they still trustworthy, legitimate and are paying out solidly. If suddenly something goes wrong with a certain casino, be assured you’ll know this from us.

Focus on payouts

We are extremely harsh when it comes to evaluate withdrawal of funds, payment methods and payout percentage of a casino online. Our experts have first hand knowledge on this tricky part of online gambling. We really put in our own money just to be sure casinos we recommend pay out well. And we care for safety too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How we determine the best casinos?

What does it mean “best”? At CasinoMonster we believe the best casino is a casino you can safely play and withdraw your wins without a hitch. To find this out, our highly trained experts examine every casino from A to Z. Aside from typical reviews of how many games the casino offers, since when it operates and what bonuses it offers for depositing, our gambling gurus thoroughly test each playground. They deposit funds using several different ways, play all offered games and finally try to withdraw their gains with available methods to see if the given online casino effectively pays out. Then, we simply arrange results and publish the top-10 of the most reputable, trustworthy and paying Canadian online casinos on our website.

Why Canada?

Simply put, online gambling is legal in Canada, and that is why there are literally hundreds of online slots operating solely in Canada. Not all of them are reputable though. There are many day-flies, scams and fishing websites created for the only sake of stealing your money and/or personal and financial information. And despite there are some discrepancies in the law regarding whether or not it is legal to hold betting houses in Canada, one thing is clear – playing in an online casino is totally legal in Canada. Since many gambling websites operate from offshore, you can safely enjoy online gambling knowing you violate nothing. And CasinoMonster helps you to end up with the best online casino in Canada filtering out those that cheat, do not pay or are slow on payout.

Which casino to choose?

Ok, above you can see the best of the best. But which one to choose? We recommend selecting a casino from the top-10 list depending on what game you’re interested in. Some casinos are better at blackjack, others offer great bonuses on roulette, some other ones are good for online slots. In any case, consider five main signs of a good online casino:

1. Reputable online casino should have a license

While online casino activity in Canada cannot be licensed so far, there are many countries where gambling is perfectly legal. The most reputable ones are Costa Rica, Malta, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Curacao and Vanuatu although gambling licenses are also issued in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Italy and some other countries. A legitimate license is generally a very good sign. Not only does it force a casino to submit to certain rules and regulations of the licensor, but the license itself costs a good deal of money, so one-timers and day-flies simply cannot afford it.

2. A wide choice of deposit AND withdrawal options

The rule of thumb is: a casino must be equally easy both to put funds in and to withdraw them. Trustworthy online casinos offer multiple ways to refill your pot and to easily claim your winnings when it’s time to capture your profits. Among payment options you should see major credit cards, eCheck, Moneybookers, Entropay, Ukash, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal and other systems. The catch is: many online casinos that seem Canadian at first sight do not actually target Canada. You should prefer those casinos in Canada that can accept CAD, support withdrawal using Canada-friendly banking options, Canadian toll-free numbers etc.

3. Trustworthy online casinos have high payout rank

This is where CasinoMonster comes to the rescue. Indeed, you cannot be sure if the given casino pays or not – after all, they all promise the same effortless withdrawal on their websites. Our expert team thoroughly tests all available options and renders a verdict – an accurate payout percentage based on conducted expertise. Not only that, but we also provide an estimation of how long the payout takes.

4. Realistic deposit bonuses

The lone fact that a casino gives bonuses for certain deposits means nothing. The casino may be scam and it simply tries to eat as much as it can before everybody realizes that. The online casino may be new and tries to attract gambler audience by providing generous bonuses. The casino may be running a time-limited promo. Yet the best online casinos in Canada never offer too much. For a simple reason: bonus deposits should motivate players to deposit more, but the mere bonus is zero. It can’t produce any profits for a casino. It doesn’t bring additional value in the long run. And trusted casinos always hunt for long-term profits, not for up-to-the-minute gains.

5. Information safety

Even a trustworthy and 100% legitimate casino could have leaks. Weak protection of your personal and credit card data may result in losing much more than a bunch of Canadian dollars. Secure casinos that are safe to play should employ 128-bit SSL encryption. You can find this out by looking at the browser’s address bar. It should say https instead of http in the URL or display a secure connection icon. Another strong sign of a safe online casino in Canada is an eCOGRA certificate.